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And the story shall be told . . .


No! This is not a shoe company or record label.  A BeAUTIFUL ORDINARY was created to tell a story, well a lot of stories. 


Over the past years, I have begun to write stories in the form of very crude movie treatments.  Not being one who lets the size of a challenge deter me, I decided that I wanted to see these movies come to life.  

But how to make a movie, without money and well, without a movie? Seems obvious, right? You don’t!

So, born was the idea of creating the merchandising and marketing of these stories before the stories were ever told.  I would start first by learning and implementing all platforms to sell merchandise that could in turn be used to finance the growth of these stories.  


The first step in creating these movies would be through interviews and biography style videos that depict each character separately.  This would allow for the stories to develop more while promoting the brand and taking full advantage of all the various platforms for short-form media distribution and merchandising on the internet.  


The merchandising side will be grown initially by working with people who have a great story to share and would make a great partner to participate in cooperative marketing campaigns.  

It start with a simple thank you . . .

It’s starts with a simple “Thank you”


Starting by thanking those who give their time,
                    their energy,
                        their support & encouragement


Thank those people who inspire and challenge you

Thank those people who share moments of their life with you, or share in the moments of your journey


Today, we not only thank these amazing individuals but we celebrate them and their stories 


A BeAUTIFUL ORDINARY is a mixed-media art project that was created to present stories, ideas and experiences with the audience using music, photography, original art, fashion, video and much more. 


The story is always the center of each collection created.  Every piece for that collection is based off the story and the person sharing it.  The stories can be experiences of different people or be taken from stories created as film and video content treatments using actors.  


Each collection created will feature items that reflect a separate aspect of the story being shared. 

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Start slow, remain steady and be open to change . . . 

The origins of this idea (A BeAUTIFUL ORDINARY) can be traced back to the early 80’s when I witnessed a young kid breakdancing in the park, looking as if he would fly off into the clouds if he began to spin any faster. 


The more I learned about Hip Hop and started to participate in all its elements, I began to see beyond the magic and how these artists created a culture without support or resources.  This was an important lesson that would help form and nurture my confidence and belief that “You just have to make it happen.”

Like most, I was searching for an answer but learned that simply knowing the question will open a whole new world of possibilities and subsequently, more questions . . . 

better questions.                        

“I would never trade a life full of questions for a mind full of answers”

Asking the question . . . Why not me?

Because, that question is only asked when you are focused on the reward and recognition.


But still that perfect little three-word question has a coded reply that will change your life.  


“What is that reply?”, I bet you’re thinking to yourself. 


Simple . . . 
If you’re focused on winning, you can never focus on the game itself, 
           never focus on all the nuances,
                never focus on learning its story,
                          and never love the game.


Without that love, there is no passion or drive and once you’re faced with adversity, you will usually decide, “it was just not meant to be.”

Story Development

Soulful Playground

This is the story of Ace, a teenager dealing with a family separation and is sent to live in the city with his Grandfather, a retired Jazz musician.  Sitting on the fire escape, Ace looks down and sees a park that is alive with music, dancing and rapping.  This is the beginning of a journey that will change his life and bring him much closer to a Grandfather whom he had never met previously.

Accidental Jesus


Three best friends head off to the same college and all take the same classes.  These ultra-competitive friends, make a bet during philosophy class, on who could start a cult and get the most members.  When Mike begins to be the clear front-runner, his friends discover that a few coincidental events make it appear as if Mike is the Messiah. Now they must bring their friend back to earth before he takes it too far. 

Inventing Beauty

Being told at 16 that she could never have children, Julie decided to dedicate her life to medicine.  While in medical school she fell in love with Matt who wanted to fight cancer since his mom pasted away from the disease.  After being sick for several days, Julie goes to the doctor only to learn she is pregnant.  After several warnings from her doctor, she decides this baby is a miracle and could never have an abortion regardless to the risks to her health.  The day comes and Julie is having a baby girl.  After delivering the baby, Julies’ final words directed at her little miracle are “You are so beautiful.”  Matt uses these words and Beauty is born.  But the miracle that Julie would be referring to will come much later.